Be happy for you 

I was sharing with a dear friend about something that recently happened, a conversation with a very negative soul who I consider an emotional vampire. My friend said, “You have enough material to write a sitcom called, Why I Became a Fairy.”
When someone from your past calls remember why they are in your past and not in your present. Remember what you seem to forget as the stories start to spew out of their mouths. You are not responsible for all the wrong that has happened in their lives. You might not have been in their lives for some time…anything that appears to a sociopath as your fault is NOT. 

I am reminded that being compassionate does not mean you are a doormat. Being kind doesn’t constitute being walked on. Being loving doesn’t mean you have to like everyone. Being present doesn’t mean you have to fix anyone either. Being empathetic doesn’t mean you forget your authentic power. Although you may be able to channel a fairy queen goddess, Superman, Batman, Grace Kelly or anyone else, remember that you are still a human being with your own lessons to learn. 

So…I was jolted for an hour or so. I was catapult to the past and all the horrors this person created, the havoc and chaos of constant bullshit drama. And, then, with deep breaths, loving prayers, some pixie dust, and lots of incense I was brought back here…to a sweet space in the mountains while gearing up for a busy week. I am reminded of how far I’ve come from toxic energy and how I can now decipher what I will tolerate and what I will not. You are no one’s permanent punching bag. You are magnificent. 

I am fabulously able to understand that these challenges are amazing synchronicities for something magical ahead. Hang up, disconnect and put those souls in a do-not-disturb place. You got this.

6 thoughts on “Be happy for you 

  1. For me, the way through hard times consists of me always looking for the good in the bad because it is there! We are given lessons to grow by not as punishment.Wishing you peaceful moments ahead and a happy Easter….Much love…VK ❤

  2. Jane Sturgeon

    Oh Millie, so beautifully put and i hope your family is settling down after your move? I turned a date down this week. He pushed it and asked why and my reply ‘I feel a chaotic energy with you and I don’t need it’…. ❤ I love you ❤

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