Don’t Fall In Love

How does anyone fall in love? Isn’t love already there, always available? How can you “fall” into something that is innately inside of you, because you are made from it? Is it possible that you don’t “fall” as much as you open into another form of love? Could it be that the idea of “falling” is actually awakening a soul connection in a subconscious level? I have not fallen into anything. Ever! But, I have been in deep times of attraction. I have been in ecstasy which have been as addictive as a drug and can be confused with eternal love. We tend to use the word and emotion to satisfy a carnal feeling of necessity. Love has little to do with those “falling” parts of yourself. Don’t mistake the truth of who you are while giving the power to another. Love is the magic in your heart. It is the provider of divinity and purpose here. It is the ALL that forces you to learn and grow and evolve into a spiritual being.Love…love is always there…and when you find that person that makes it come alive it is simply reminding you of what you already have. And this person doesn’t have to be a romantic union. It can be your children, a friend, a pet, a lover, and most importantly it must be yourself. Because, if you don’t love yourself you cannot possibly love another. You cannot give what you don’t have. ~ M.A.P.

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