Walk with purpose 

Sometimes I feel like I am on the Bipolar Expressway and most of the exits loop around Crazy Town. So I mindfully begin my mornings with an hour of prayer and/or meditation. I cannot miss a day or I begin to feel ungrounded. I lovingly light my candles for those who need light. Every day is different. (If you’ve been to my house you have witnessed the bucket with a hundred plus tea candles). I light my sage and incense. I wait for the break of day reciting gratitude mantras. This ritual is imperative to continue driving along the expressway of life. Some days are awesome (no traffic from looney tunes) and others are bumper to bumper chaos that require my complete (Im)mature level of patience (I have patience for most people. It’s patience in myself that is a constant struggle). Life is a magnificent teacher. It will provide all the lessons needed for the evolution of the soul. Stay on your lane. Breathe. Get off on rest areas that bring momentary peace. 
Remember this: Joy clears stagnant energy so find what makes you happy. Find solace in a breath. Stop to notice and acknowledge nature around you. Search for God’s presence within. Let Divine energy move you to the next exit without chicken choking anyone in the way. There you will find faith. Oh…and don’t be so quick to press on the horn…you don’t know what that person in the same expressway is going through. I love you. Have a magnificent Day, darlings. Make it magical!!!!

5 thoughts on “Walk with purpose 

  1. MaryAnn Cauthen

    I am putting this essay in my Journal. These words really speak to me, & encourages me to keep up the early AM meditations. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & life. Mary Ann

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