Be still

“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” – Rumi
The universe conspires in your favor. Everything that happens is for your betterment whether for a life lesson or a conscious choice you made to enhance your spirit. If you listen closely to your soul you will notice when you are making a mistake. Is it your ego wanting this? Is it your soul’s yearning to do that? If you live your life, as Rumi expresses, what you accomplish is through love and joy. It’s part of your journey. It becomes a certainty in faith. I know in my past that when I kept hitting walls, seeing signs or crashing against barricades that I should have stopped pushing myself to get those things my ego “needed.” Looking back I know exactly what those things were but I didn’t care. My tenacious character didn’t accept failure (even when it wasn’t failure but the Divine expressing the truth that it was not a situation for my betterment). We tend to complicate our lives. When we get out of the way and allow the Divine to lead things are easier, smoother, lovelier and definitely in your favor. Life is not made to be a constant struggle. We create the struggles with what we think we need, desire, and manipulate. Sit long enough to feel God and allow the guidance. Your path, your life, your destiny…is all rigged for YOU!

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