Love is the Fountain of Youth

How and when did this age sneak upon me? I wake almost everyday (minus the sound effects coming from the body hitting the floor) feeling like I’m in my thirties. When I think about this age (not the one that lives in my head full of spunk and sassiness) I can’t seem to blend it with the reality. It’s not. And I will define myself as young for the rest of my life. See, I am determined to be the happiest woman arriving into the 100’s. I plan on laughing and playing practical jokes on all those moody folks around me. I am determined to live with purpose and remember this is one hell of a f*€king ride that is a privilege denied to so many. No one can stop the aging process but I be damn if I don’t stop getting old. That’s my choice. Embrace your age and your experiences. Laugh and play and cry and spread love as often as possible. Love. Love is the fountain of youth.


4 thoughts on “Love is the Fountain of Youth

  1. I love being an old person, amiguita linda. I love the strength I carry with me, hard-earned over decades of effort. I love standing firmly and securely in my own power. Youth was, indeed, wasted on me. I’m now coming into my own! 😉 xoxoxoM

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