Resistance sucks!

We think that by avoiding the pull and push that we are saving ourselves from pain, but it’s the other way around. The more we resist the worse anything becomes. We have been taught to resist emotional breakdowns. We have been programmed to hold tightly to our traumas and not let them go so freely with others. We piggy back those suckers for life. Most of us resist compliments and endearing words of admiration. We don’t believe we deserve them. We continue to resist in every part of our lives because letting go and surrendering are signs of weakness. But this is erroneous. Vulnerability is beautiful and to let go is pure divine freedom.

Resistance is the fight between the adjustment and flexibility of allowing things to come and go. I need to nurture my body with gentleness. I need to remind myself to take time for silence on a daily basis. I require nature to ground me and sustain me so I can keep going while releasing the toxicity of things around me.
STOP! Stop carrying shit that’s holding you down.

Let it go. Dump it. Fling it. Throw it away. Whatever it takes but release all the crap that has kept you imprisoned in your mind, body and spirit. ~ m.a.p.

4 thoughts on “Resistance

  1. It seems many are dealing with resistance issues right now and boy it is not easy! A continuous battle to let go and take risks, but not quite daring, but you have to. I know my work has been extensive on this lately. Exhaustively so. But in the end it will be worth it…And so we plug onward and reach for the light. All is as it should be. Happy Memorial Day Millie….VK ❤

      1. Blush…Blush…Thank you Millie. Your praise is welcome and wonderful. May we all sparkle and dazzle and light up life around us. Blessings to you. Shine on.. 😎 VK ❤

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