Borrowed Time

Every morning down the road from home, a thin older man, dressed in a blue mechanic worker’s shirt walks up and down the street. Sometimes when it’s raining he walks with an umbrella and often times he just walks without a care in the world allowing for the water to bathe him. I’ve never seen him outside of that uniform.

Each morning I create an addition to his stories. I don’t believe he is a mechanic. I feel he was and now every morning he just walks. 

With each step I wonder about his health, his life, his dreams, his children and wife and what makes and breaks him. I wonder about his daily dedication and, once in a while deep in my pondering, I start to tear up. I have seen many like him in facilities. But, for all I know he might just be a healthy older gentleman exercising before work. 

The look in his eyes, every single morning, speaks of regrets and something deeper. It says, “I am not done, but if only….”

I make sure I leave at a certain time to catch him. He has become this constancy in my morning before work. He has become the sugar in my coffee that creates bunches of Aha Moments. He reminds me of what we are and what we aren’t when the world isn’t focusing on us. 

We are here on borrowed time. Make the most of it, even if it means walking in the rain, dancing naked in your backyard, and sending kisses to strangers. Life is a journey of a million steps that blend into others. 

Have a beautiful day my friends. Make love a priority. Things are drastically shifting and we need to connect and feel the love. We are the love!

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