Explosion of Love 

We forget the moments that shape us until way after the experience. We don’t know when we are moving through growth, magic and transformation until the moment passes. It is then that we look back and realize how strong we really are. It is in those memories that we experience the lesson through a different perception. Because while we are undergoing a trauma, a challenge, a loss, a betrayal, or a significant circumstance, we are too busy surviving. We are too busy coping and figuring out the crap of our existence. But, when the moment passes we breathe, we exhale and we realize we are freaking awesome. You don’t know who you are until something rattles you and then you transcend into something powerful!
You are here in spite of illnesses, major losses, huge catastrophic events while making the most out of the journey. You forget how incredible you are. You get up and keep going and rarely acknowledge how intricate your decisions and choices are…while still participating in surviving. You are living! You attract those like you so make yourself absolutely magical! You are here to live to the fullest, so stop dwelling in what you can’t change. Let that shit go! Pat yourself on the back! You are tenacious and relentless. You don’t know how incredible this life is because you get to be part of the mass consciousness of Oneness. Here you are, smiling, nodding your head in accordance, and believing that you are ready for anything else ahead. Good job! Do you hear that sound? That’s the explosion of love and the yumminess that comes with acknowledging yourself. Heart pats all around!!!

Make this weekend about love.

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