There are millions of stories in a bookstore. And, then, there are the ones in books, sitting on shelves waiting to be held and embraced through the eyes and into the heart. But, I love the ones sitting across from me: the father with his autistic teenager helping him with a coloring book; The mother with her elderly aunt carefully placing her coffee on the table for her while handing her a magazine; The older gentleman who pretends to be reading but he is ingesting and digesting prejudgments and criticism without engaging with another. And then…there two aisles down the little chubby girl sitting on the carpet reading a book with a ballerina…dreaming of what could be and what could happen when a prince comes to find her. 
A million stories intercept and criss cross around us. 

Take time to look up. Smile. Step away from the prison of manic and crazy obsession building in your head. Look around. There is always something magical to witness. There is always someone amazing to meet. There is a world outside of your phone, computer and head. 

This is how we connect. This is how we learn to love others. We get to view through a tiny window into their world…one second or for hours. We realize we aren’t as alone as we have been led to believe.

One thought on “Stories 

  1. So true! But the magic for me is in and around my own home – the dogs playing nicely, the squirrels playing their games of hide-and-seek in the trees, the birds hopping around in the grass or on tree branches, etcetera.

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