My Favorite

When my children were little I would go say goodnight to them in their rooms, give them kisses, and whisper, “You are my favorite. By far! Don’t tell your brothers and sisters cause they will be hurt. This is our little secret, so shhhhh!” I would make sure they felt that they were number one. 

Three years ago, over Christmas holidays at my home in the mountains, three of the adult children were sitting around the table. One said to the other, “You don’t know. I was always Mom’s favorite. She told me never to tell you.” The brother responded, “No way, dude! I’m her favorite. She would say it to me every night.” My daughter looked at me in the kitchen from the dining room table, almost hurt to tears, “Mom, I thought I WAS YOUR FAVORITE!” I had to come clean, of course, cause they are all my favorites.  

As a parent you want to make sure they all have that one special KNOWING that they are seen, heard, loved and acknowledged. Some of these children suffered from severe mental disorders. They needed that extra oomph to believe in the magic of love. Now, with our 3-1/2 year old, I catch myself again whispering at night in her ear, “Kali bug, you are my favorite! By far, you are my all time favorite.” She laughs and whispers back, “you my favorite. You my best friend.” And then she goes to whisper it to her daddy. 

Here is the thing I know about love. You have to let those you love know it, feel it, and understand that the essence of your spirit shouts for them. Whether it is your spouse, mate, mother, father, children, or friend. It’s important to let them feel that they are in your life and you wholeheartedly love them. I know I say the words “I love you” a lot…to everyone. But when I say them, I mean them. I don’t always say them to people. Sometimes I just say “I appreciate you.” This is almost acknowledging to myself that they haven’t graduated to that level yet. Some people take time to get into the heart…but eventually they all get in. Love is free ranged. It is birth from forgiveness, acceptance, awareness, all tied to the thread of Oneness.

So to you, yes you! If you are my friend here, I can say, “I love you. You ARE my favorite!” Have a great day. Go love something, someone, and most importantly, yourself. You are the essence of love.

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