A Universal Epiphany 

Good morning sweet souls! I woke this morning with a full heart. We continue to move through defining moments in humanity. Whether your beliefs are different or your moral ideas are not in agreement, we can honestly say that love is something that changes the world.  
I am often perplexed by the few who truly don’t understand that we are of Oneness in this planet. Our lessons are about learning from soul to soul. We can always input religion and politics in all arguments but the truth is that we are made from love to love another. No one should tell us who we can love. No should tell us how to live either.  

I don’t see black, white, yellow…I don’t see female or male. I see a soul embodied and dressed as a character in this life. We have costumes. We play our parts. And, like all great plays there must be two sides: the protagonist and the antagonist. It’s part of our duality. At the end of the day it shouldn’t matter what we believe is right or wrong. What should matter is that we walk this life with an open understanding of love and compassion. The indifference of mind and thoughts push and teach us. We expand consciousness with new thoughts and get to pick and choose how we evolve spiritually in this life. So…I ask…because it saddens me to see such separation, and I witness it constantly through small conversations, reading, and overhearing: please pick love regardless of what you believe. God is love. The Divine provided us with this imminent force of nature that allows us to care for another outside of ourselves. Don’t discriminate. Don’t judge without truly walking the walk. We are together in this race called the human race. Let’s make it a special one. I love you. I love you. I love you regardless of our differences and opinions. Allow your humanity to come through and accept another without so much anger and hatred. That’s not very spiritual or Godlike. It’s ugly and unnatural and tarnishes character! We can agree to disagree because that’s our part in this play. But, BE the love that God put you here to be. Have a blessed day and embrace this new conscious shift happening. It’s been a long time coming. Let your epiphanies shift you into something more!!! m.a.p.

2 thoughts on “A Universal Epiphany 

  1. This is excellent. I was raised to follow the golden rule and to give people the benefit of the doubt. And I’ve always tried to do so. Being human I’ve probably failed too many times to count, but the important thing is that I keep trying. However, when someone continually does or says things that go against all I was taught, I find it difficult – at best – if not impossible to feel anything but disdain toward him or her. All I can do is hope that one day said person will open his/her heart and learn, or re-learn.

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