Moments of Reflections

Not too long ago Sunday’s meant work. They meant cleaning out a motel/retreat center all day long. They meant loads and loads of laundry. They meant exhaustion, isolation, and anxiety. Sunday’s became that one day a week that I dreaded to enter into every weekend. It never failed, it was that one day that also brought contemplation and lessons. In all that cleaning I reflected and often times dealt with issues that required sacred attention. With each person who checked out, I experienced their energy. Sometimes this was overwhelming. Other times it was the breath that finally exhaled after a busy weekend of holding it in making sure everything was wonderful for our guests. 
The hospitality business is magical because you get to meet folks from all over the world. It’s also depleting when you give so much of yourself 24/7. But, Sunday was the day that I began to breathe for the next five or so days.  

Today I woke to a quiet morning. Our little girl slept all night long, breaking the two-week run of interrupted sleep. Even when we don’t sleep I wouldn’t trade those other Sunday’s for the peace of knowing I can do whatever I want to today. I don’t have to be dressed at 6AM waiting for anyone to come to the door. I don’t have to leave the house. I am able to do whatever needs doing and whatever doesn’t require immediate attention to wait for another day.

We create our own imprisonments by the decisions we make in our lives: jobs, relationships, circumstances, obstacles, finances, family, etc. But, you get to decide how you react to those situations. You might not be able to change the circumstances at the moment, but you get to decide how you react and entertain those events. 



Sundays are sacred. 

They require you to prepare for another week, gather your thoughts, and rest. Make today magical. Make it a form of enjoyment that will be remembered. You are not required to fix anything about your life today. You are not expected to decide what to do tomorrow. Just be in the moment of NOW. Go Be in nature and recharge. Happy Sunday, darlings!!!!

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