Loving the Impossible

How do we love? How do we pick who to love? Is there such a guide to loving? I might not agree with someone’s views, opinions or way of life, but I do stand with an open heart. I have had exes who stole my heart and will continue to be loved by me. Our time came to an end and we learned and evolved. But, the love will always remain somewhere in a box close to heart. I’ve had friends who meant the world to me, inseparable, and time came and went and they are no longer in my life. But, when I think of them my heart smiles because they existed to fill a void, to love all parts of us, and to teach me forgiveness in me and them. And, with my own children, some have arrived deeply wounded and I have loved and had to let go. They are always loved. 
We don’t have to love with a heavy heart those who ruffle our feathers. We have to love with an opened one. That’s how we love. That’s how we connect to the divine. People and situations get placed in our path to evolve and better our higher selves. We deserve to acknowledge those parts of others and us. I love. You love. We all love one way or another. No two loves are the same. No two souls can match exactly. 
We love because that’s our job in this place. We love the impossible in different ways than the possible ones. We love with courage and vulnerability and the willingness to expose ourselves. We love with a burning emotion of overcoming anything. And, when we love from a place of truth, forgiveness, compassion, grace, and boundaries, there is no such thing as impossible.~m.a.p.

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