Glitter the Hell out of someone 

Sweet sweet sweet darlings! Omg! Finally accomplished a huge challenge today. Wheeee! Every other week I go through the drive through teller window at my bank. There is an older woman teller who shouldn’t be working with the public as she has zero personality, poor soul. I keep glitter in my car (tools of being a fairyologist) and sometimes that glitter gets attached to papers, checks, and other places (giggles). Every time I deposit through her window she has this look of utter disgust. I can see her thoughts forming over her head like bubbles from a mean cartoon. 

So today I sprinkled a dosage of thick blue glitter. When she got the deposit slip and checks she looked up at me, raised her eyebrows as if saying, “bitch! Really?!” 

 I smiled at her, giggling like a mischievous fairy, and said, “If you smiled more, especially to me when I come by, I promise not to load it up with fairy dust! But it has to be genuine cause I know the difference!”  

She shook her head and continued doing her thing. But as she went to

put the deposit slip in the tray she looked at me and gave me the biggest (until that moment I didn’t know she was capable of smiling) grin ever. Yay! 

And that, darlings, is what a fairyologist does! We sprinkle and sparkle even if you don’t know how to. I will teach you what it feels like to be in freaking static yummilicious bubblelicious joyous kiddo. If you can’t laugh I will make sure you can learn it and open up your heart up to the wondrous moments in life. 

You are most welcome! My job is done!!!

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