The Collective Consciousness 

New week. New slate. Let’s move away from ourselves and serve each other through kindness. Go meet new people. Listen to their stories. Go grab an adventure along with their smiles. This world is waiting for your greatness to connect to others and make a difference. That little problem you are obsessing about is stopping you from seeing the big picture. So today I am here to step away from me and move towards you. How can I be of service to YOU? And like this we pay love forward. Over and over creating a wave of delicious shift in consciousness.

3 thoughts on “The Collective Consciousness 

  1. Rainee

    Can I take you up on your offer please? How do I come to terms with someone close to me cutting off all connection? I have tried apologies etc but nothing makes any difference 😦
    Thank you for your wonderful and insightful blog!

    1. It’s really hard to let things go. But, when someone doesn’t respect your sentiments they are closing the door on you. I am deeply sorry for your pain. These folks are amazing teachers in our lives. May you allow yourself the time to heal and disconnect. Sending lots of love your way.

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