Regret Nothing 

Regrets!!!! Yeah, that little word that holds the past prisoner: What you didn’t do; What you left unsaid; What you could’ve, should’ve, and would’ve done. The reality is that each challenge and obstacle molded you to who you are right now.  

Why the regrets? Why the soul torturing of stuff you cannot change? 

Because time ticks and waits for no one or nothing. Because great experiences “might” appear in the future but your only reference to what has happened is in the past. 

Several years ago I wrote over a dozen letters to people I thought I had hurt. And those I didn’t hurt I wanted to clarify that I was having to let them go in order to heal. I received beautiful responses, even though I expected none, all but two folks. I didn’t do it to get answers. I wrote in order to move on and I did. I regret nothing of things I’ve done. I only regret, every so often, having left important words unsaid. And to this moment there is only one person I hold with that and soon that, too, will be clarified. It’s a huge part of my life. It’s been something brewing for over twenty-five years. There is no regret, but the acceptance that things need closure. 

I don’t understand when someone starts on the “I regret this or that. I am too old for my dreams. I wish I had said that or this to that person….”
If you are breathing, you can still do everything you claim you could have done. And if the person is gone, still voice it out. The act of forgiveness isn’t for them. It’s for you! Dreams do not care about your age or the tenacity of your bones. 
Darlings, regret nothing. Allow those things in the past to be mile markers for huge transformations. 

I embrace my stupid mistakes. I recognize how far I’ve grown. I am grateful there was no cellphones with camera back then. I look back and laugh at how I am still alive. I was responsible, but ohhhh so reckless. Youth was wasted on my inability to see clearly. Lol. 

So go out into the freaking delicious world and do the things you wanted.  Do the things that scare you. Make things happen and sparkle. If you can’t do them then do something else. You ain’t done until you stop breathing. 

Now I must go collect my industrial size glitter into my car and start sprinkling some joy around like confetti. Apparently there seems to be a deficit these days with all this regret crap going on….

Mucho love, y’all!

4 thoughts on “Regret Nothing 

  1. No real regrets – some things just weren’t meant to happen/be said/whatever so I just move on. My sweet Callie knew that I did what I could for her and that I will always have her in my heart.

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