The Weight of Love

Last night I was wide awake for hours…staring at the bedroom ceiling. I could see the lights of few passing cars make shadows through the blinds. I could hear the crickets echoing through the woods, answering to the bull frogs. I could hear the sweet voices of ancestors who call for my attention in the wee hours. I could feel my heart expanding and closing to love. I felt such a powerful explosion of all that embodies me and around me. 

I thought, “I wonder what the weight of love is.”  

I know anger, resentment, guilt, shame, and all negative emotions have a density of true heaviness. They weigh us down. But, how could we measure the weight of love? It’s endless…it’s grand. It’s all there is that unfolds and embraces our essence. 

And yet, so many folks don’t entertain this magical emotion. They fear it. They shut it out. How? Why? Wow! 

I got giddy trying to find a weight number for the love I was feeling (those silly moments in my head that bring out the child in me). So, this morning, now watching the birds visiting on the front deck and butterflies kissing the berries, the rabbit and squirrels rushing for food, I feel the weight of love as endless abundance for all.  

I get to visit some sweet elderly folks today. In those facilities I find the weight of love staring back with stories. Some really really heavy. Others full of ache and despair. There is love and the lack of it. The fragrance of it lingers through rooms begging for visitation. It’s always a mystery to me as I witness the weight of so much that’s unspoken and untouched. But love is the composition that creates our lives to the fullest. I am conscious of handing it out like confetti and glitter. Broken hearted, happy and joyous, and at times completely forgetful, love still resides in each soul. 

Have a beautiful day. Stay in the love field. Raise your vibration to the highest number. That’s one weight I don’t mind being over the top! Muchísimo love, y’all!

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