Salute the Light

Many years ago riding through Tuscany I fell in love….With the landscape….With sunflowers. It was early morning and I was mesmerized by the way the fields of flowers all saluted the sun, turning slowly to greet it. I thought to myself then (and had forgotten until recently) “I want to salute the light everyday like that! I want to be that kind of beauty!”
And it’s a choice. 

It’s a conscious shift in perception. 

So today I rise to light and follow it with beauty. I recognize my own strength and Divinity. I search for that in others. I look into you and me and them for it, always witnessing the soul turning towards that higher illumination of divine wisdom.  

I see it and smile. I look through infinite eyes for it. 

Follow that light from within. Follow your intuition. Remember your power. You are exquisite. Yummilicious. Lovely. And full of sunny rays of hope, faith and love. 

Shine on, darlings!

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