Be Eccentric

A few years ago a friend told me I was eccentric. I never ever saw myself as an eccentric soul. It came as a shock when he said it. I was a bit taken aback and quietly angry…for some time. That comment brew and grew for weeks. It felt like an insult. And I think it was at the time. Eccentricity seemed like a bad label. I saw myself as pretty normal. Whatever that means. And then…something happened. Something mystical took place! 

I began to accept my quirks without labels. I began to embrace the idiosyncrasies without needing to conform to others. Truth be told I have danced to my own tune since I was little (even while my family relentlessly tried to change me). Hard for my family to accept but they adjusted or stopped being in my life. That simple!

We aren’t meant to always fit. I’m in the group of folks who have a difficult time fitting with what society requires as “normal.” I am a rebel at heart, a gypsy of the world, an artist that creates and molds love from almost nothing. I have a sarcastic sense of humor that catches people by surprise. I have zero filter. I see other worldly dimensions but don’t always share. I love and live in a magical world of eccentricities. And it’s lovely here in this place. 

You are fan-fairy-tastic (a friend said this the other day and I loved it). Own your quirks and your imperfections. If those things bring you joy, don’t change…for no one. Ever. People will either love you or not. If they do they will embrace all of you. 

Your oddities and quirks allow you to stand out. Use them for all that’s good…

And I love you just the way you are!

5 thoughts on “Be Eccentric

  1. Love it! I have very little “filter” myself, though sometimes it has gotten me into trouble (especially at Rockwell – hehe). I say what I mean and I mean what I say. No one can accuse either one of us of being “fake”, that’s for sure. Love you!!

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