Intuitive Counseling & Story Tender

I am finally embracing who I am. It’s been a long road! This is a huge goal in my life. I dislike labels but I accept that society needs them to understand who and what we are. If you have been following this page I must assume you know I don’t do conventional paradigms. I am an observer of humanity. I have to add something in the cards in order for folks to figure out what I am offering.

People ask me all the time for an explanation to how I receive intuitive information. I don’t have an answer. I just listen. I am not a psychic. I’m not a “Medium” (I am a large). I might get a visitation from an ancestor but that’s not always the case. I cannot foretell your future, but I can help you intuitively find what you want in your future by tapping into your goals. You have all the answers. You forget you have them. I can help you gather and release the things that might be blocking you. We can do it together, mapping out a direction. When we examine the past we are often left with patterns. These patterns tell us a lot about our decision-making skills and choices.

I can help you find the dot in the horizon that’s been missing for some time. Often times we just need another perspective. This is why we go to therapists and use other healing modalities. We get lost in our little heads replaying the same stories.

I am a Story Tender. You tell me your story and I can help you create a new one.

Sometimes our stories cripple us. Past programming and circumstances stump our mental capacity to move forward. We may become victims of the past.  We get pulled by labels and allow others to dictate our worth. By looking at what has brought you here we can work together to create new healthy stories, or at least rewrite some lovely chapters.

For most of my life strangers find me. They have sat in waiting rooms, check-out aisles, gas stations, airplanes, motels, trains, streets, restaurants, coffee shops, and countless other places to share their stories. They don’t know why they share what they do but they feel better because of the conversations. We connect through them. I evolve through their words and hopefully they have taken some of mine to heart.

We all want to be heard, seen and loved. Sometimes we just need to remember how loving we are.

I have to admit this is really, really, really hard for me to market myself. I am used to having folks come to me by word of mouth or referral. It’s hard to put what I do into words because each client is different. I don’t want to use the word “coaching” because it sounds as if I might be leading. I am a huge cheerleader. That is more of what I do. I want to cheer you on and help you find the joy you deserve. We all need cheerleaders in our lives!

I would love the opportunity to help you on this journey. Please email me to for more information on services. Or you can call and me at 828-707-8897.

Mucho love…Millie

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