Bench Connections 

OH MY GAWD, darlings!

 I have had such a sweet joyful afternoon. Matt and I took Kali bug to a nearby park after picking her up at daycare. I was sitting on the park bench when this delicious black woman came with her grandkids. Her little girl looked so much like Kali Rose but with a ton of yummy beads in her hair. And we began to talk. I know, right, what a shocking surprise. 

“Birdie” and I chatted just about everything from poverty to raising her five grandkids…to coming from the gheTTTTTo (she stressed that word so much I had to hold out my hand several times out to make her stop cause I was laughing so hard at her ghetto stories I felt laughter leaking from everywhere). 

Birdie just went on and on about life. She was nonstop in her pursuit of laughter. I hadn’t met someone like her in a bit. She shared stories from all things, including Jesus Christ, potty training, her first visit to a beach a few years ago, her daughters…. I sat there watching Matt walking around with Kali and thinking I should be with them. 

But…but the thing is that Birdie has a ton of faith. Like I could feel her truth and the goosebumps that would come over me. She wasn’t stingy with her joy. Folks like her are my favorite types.  I will collect stories of joy and love and laughter and perseverance over any other kinds of talk. 

Her granddaughter “don’t like dirt. Ain’t no way to get this child in that sandbox. Told her just the other day, ‘Child, when we have to live under a bridge you best get over your dirt phobia…’ and she don’t listen, Millie! These’em kids ain’t got no understanding of struggles…uhmmmm…”

Every so often a persona with gusto comes into my life to add perspective of true happiness. You just know I will squeeze those moments tightly. I have to. They are my teachers. 

If you find a character in your journey that makes you pause and listen and laugh please grab a hold of them. Birdie and I sat there at the end of the visit and held hands. We hugged tightly. Omg like two little girls promising another reunion. She told me where to find her in the evenings at work. I promised I would visit. 

What a magical park time. 

It’s not just swings that are fun. Those park benches share a million stories. All you have to do is sit, wait and listen.  

2 thoughts on “Bench Connections 

  1. Jill

    First cup of coffee and your blog the first read of the morning. What a smile provoking experience you had. Do go visit her..I would love to hear more.

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