Life Fluctuates 

Life fluctuates big time. Things will jolt us. They will break us. There is loss and heartache. But…but…there is joy and laughter. It’s all duality. Sadness gives us the opportunity to miss joy. Loss gives us the opportunity to be courageous. Illnesses give us the opportunity to pause and be mindful of the things that are important. Anger gives us the opportunity to reflect. Losing a job provides an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Financial strains give us the chance to witness strength and perseverance. 
To every emotion we have the choice to see things from another perspective. We get to decide how we utilize the mind, body and spirit. We are reminded that things happen every second. It’s all a game of checks and balances. 

Help someone else see the other side of the situation. Find a cheerleader, a therapist, a friend or a stranger to help you navigate. 

Being vulnerable is not a weakness. It’s such a beautiful part of our humanness that teaches us connections. 

Today is an opportunity to love and live and laugh. Stop wasting it on the past. Dream. Explore. And raise your frequency to the highest possible vibration.

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