Reclaiming what’s yours

I just watched a video of a female politician asking a question to another politician. I don’t watch these type of videos. It came up by accident after something i was watching with my kid. I got sucked into it because….
As the Senator kept asking the gentleman for an answer he would deviate and give some long explanation of nothing she was asking. The entire time she kept saying, “Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time.”  

It was fascinating to watch as she would return to the moment, wanting her answer, while he dodged the question. “Reclaiming my time!”

She must’ve said it at least 15 times and his reaction was nothing short of shock and avoidance. 

Our time is precious. Sometimes we give others the power to dictate it. We do it physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s hard to set boundaries and stick with them. But…from now on when someone is testing my patience, causing toxic havoc and chaos, or just being a manipulative consumer of my time, I will rise above their words and actions and whisper: RECLAIMING MY TIME!

Powerful words. Your time is precious. Your presence is magical. Do not give your power to another. EVER. Reclaim it. Life is too short to deviate from joy.

4 thoughts on “Reclaiming what’s yours

  1. Haw! A political video with socially remeeming qualities. They never dreamed of stimulating actual truth, I’d bet. Good work Millie, for ferreting out a diamond amidst all the roughage.
    ♥ Welles

    Hey how can I use a red heart like the one Jane put in her message? I want!

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