Moon Magic

The moon woke me from a deep slumber right after midnight luring me outside. I stood under the entrance of my home inhaling its energy. It was a rainy night. The breeze danced through the trees along with the wind chimes. Each breath I took seem to lead me into prayer and then deeper into the magic of unknowns. I closed my eyes and began giving all to the light. I opened my heart widely and poured out the love to the universe.    
I could feel the vibration from the light healing me, reactivating intuition, and sending me to a place of peace. I live for these moments in full connection and harmony with nature. There is presence. I heard ruffling around me as if I had an audience witnessing this bathing of soul. What happens when we open so widely that the world around us becomes magic? Every single cell expands in gratitude. I am one with all. It’s my favorite feeling! 

I was out there for a while. I don’t know where I went. I don’t know how I got to the place of serenity that encompasses my divinity. I am grateful not to have to logically figure it out. I don’t need to. God is an omnipotence force that embraces every cell in me.

The wind kissed me often, chilling me to the bone, then warming me back to life. The raindrops felt like tears shedding from the heavens. It all played with me for a long while until I had to get inside. I returned to the womb state cocooned in comfort on my sofa. I went into meditation. There was a mystical force under that moon so powerful that I could not return to bed. I saw me. I saw the world in that moon.

Today is different. This morning seems filled with endless possibilities. The moon cleared me up like a crystal pulling source from light.  

Allow yourself time to moon bathe. Give yourself permission to listen to all parts of you under the night sky. When all else is quiet you can feel your truth rise to salute you. It’s not just magical, it’s part of your existence. You are not surviving. You are living in divine light experiencing through love and lessons. You still have tonight to experience this enchantment…go play. Dance in the moonlight!~ I love you.

One thought on “Moon Magic

  1. I love sitting outside at night, especially during a full moon; but if I’d tried to come out here last night, I’d probably have broken both butt cheeks. The rain we had earlier in the evening made a sloppy, mucky mess of the porch floor. Even this morning I had to be very careful walking on it to let the dogs out in the yard.

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