Love Trumps Hate

I am a Hispanic woman. I am a chameleon because depending on what group of people I am with I am mistaken as an Italian, Canadian, Jewish, Cuban and French. I’ve heard all sorts of labels. Most people can’t guess I am Puerto Rican. 
Discrimination isn’t about race. It’s about so many other things. We are hated for being too fat, too loud, too this and too that. Right now it’s about the color of our skin and cultural differences. 

Growing up in a mostly white neighborhood I experienced racism but I learned something early on. I was determined to find humor in all the things around me. I made friends with all cultures and races. Every so often I would get hated on…and my love gene would win them over. Or they would stay away because they thought I was crazy. 

I have experienced prejudice. I have experienced judgment, not because of cultural differences but because I AM different. 

I cannot relate to racism and bigotry but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It is here, clearly alive and burning up. It’s been here all along boiling, waiting for a catalyst to set it free. 

I will not blame any one person for this. From the beginning of time we have had good and evil. But, darlings, guess what? We have choices. Instead of feeding the hate with more hatred, disgust, egotism and judgment we have the opportunity to rise through love. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know you think this is juvenile. I am not saying it’s easy. There will always be fear that lives in the outer web of humanity. Anything that’s different will always cause tremendous ripples of bullshit. But, I promise you that by shifting from anger and animosity to the frequency of forgiveness and love we can begin to change. 

Our experiences mold us. They are the starting point of perspective. I choose to fight racism with love. Not by constantly pointing out the negativity but by raising my capacity of sending even more love into the world. I am bombarding the cosmic highway with some outrageous amount of heart and forgiveness. 

This doesn’t negate the utter sadness that is living in my heart. Humanity tends to break me in the darkest corners of my spirit. But, I am an eternal romantic. I believe in our spiritual evolution that is moved through love. Love trumps hate anytime. Every single freaking time. Regardless of all those who try to diminish its power. 

It starts and ends with love. Always. Forever. And ever. 

I love you…and I don’t care about your skin color. I care about how you treat others. Rise to love!  


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