Infinite Love

Yes, love is powerful! Yes, love has no gender, religion, and political status. Love just is. When we finally acknowledge our truth we are moved into the mysterious.

Do yourself a huge favor…embrace love whenever you can. Because, dear friends, love is an opportunity that arrives to grow on such a divine spiritual level. Everything else is pure rotten crap that we create in order to distant ourselves from what’s truly real, attainable, and divine.

If we are fortunate, we are provided with several “Ones” in our lifetime. If we are really lucky, there might just be the One who you can spend your lifetime with. And, that One might not come in the package you thought s/he would arrive. Life is funny that way. It’s magical in so many different levels of awareness. This vehicle we get to use as a body stops us from truly experiencing so many incredible gifts. The minute we get rid of the programming miracles begin to unfold.

So go look into the essence of someone and find divinity staring back. It’s the most outstanding phenomenon to experience. Stop trying to find all the negatives and dive into all that is positively precious. I love you.

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