Knowing your Truth

Please take a moment and truly be with this message. So many of us are experiencing some major shifts that are forcing us to take a hard step back, questioning ourselves. You are not alone. In the past week I’ve had so many conversations about this.

It’s not just the storms and fires and other natural occurrences. It’s the basics. It’s family drama, work issues, and our own psyches being pushed to question our purpose here.

The truth is not always perfect or pretty. It churns, twists and turns in you trying to make its way up. You don’t let it because it will hurt another. It will betray their perception of you. You might be rejected. You might be hated. But, while it is in you, silently poisoning your soul, truth still needs release.

You should not live a life that’s not authentic. No matter if it’s ending a job, a relationship, detaching from family and friends, or following what you think is a stupid-dream, it is YOUR truth. Those who love you will get over it. Those who don’t have served their purpose in the presence of your life even in teaching you to forgive. I can’t tell you the many times I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, left everything, to follow what I recognized as my truth.

Hold your truth high. Get over the bullshit and finally voice out who you are. You know what is tragic? Living a freaking lie and not being free to be who you really are. You know what is life-changing? When you grow a pair and tell the world that you don’t care what they think because you are claiming your worth by your standards and not theirs. Your spirit is trapped and everything around you is miserable because it aches, it is uncomfortable and it is unbearable. Life is too short for pretending. The stress is damaging your physical and mental bodies. It is adding to the collective. You already know the truth. Now, go fucking show the world who you Really are. Times are changing. We are evolving into better humans. There is a massive sense of commUNITY happening and we need to finally step up to our greatness. Hold your head high cause you are magnificent! Be love. Be happy. Be YOU!

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