Our Elders

I’ve spent some time this week with a sweet client who is transitioning. She’s 96. She’s out lived everyone. Her dementia is extremely advanced. She doesn’t know who I am but she always receives me with such kindness. To her I am her “favorite nurse” or someone from her church. Today she asked me to leave after a little bit. She explained that she was tired and needed to sleep. She needed privacy.

Lately, that’s all she does while hospice is making her comfortable. She let me kiss and love on her for a second. And then asked who I was again and before I could answer she remembered that I was her favorite nurse. I sat on her bed. I listened to her breathing. I silently gave her permission to go on while shining some light.

Elders are some of my favorite people. They force me to be in the moment with them. They are full of wisdom and advice that is endless. They aren’t looking for anything but the recognition of being seen. They don’t care about phones or technology. They want the intimacy of human touch and energy.

I left, closing her door, not knowing if that goodbye would be the last. Each soul teaches us something. Every one has a responsibility of showing up and changing the world. Today her goodbye reminded me of the frailties is living.

4 thoughts on “Our Elders

  1. I’ve always dreamed of acquiring millions of dollars so I could build loving and free spirit elder homes that thrive on love and caring rather than becoming holes where we dumpt our elders to age in silence unseen. It is a disgrace how we treat them. How we treat elders says everything about who we are! It is so time to CHANGE!!!! VK ❤

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