A Coffee Shop and a Story

Sometimes in the middle of having my own space among others in the world I get to partake in their world. Unknowingly, I get to experience a bit of their stories: past and present. I was sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a delicious java and people watching when a middle-aged couple sat behind me. It was loud in the shop but eventually the conversation became so intimate that I felt I was part of their world:

She: “No matter where or with whom you will always be the one. You have always been my one and only…(she took a deep inhale while her voice shook)…for almost thirty years. You…you…you have been my constant lifeguard but now life has twisted and turned and timing has truly played a nasty joke on us both. I love you (she whispered these words with such intensity sounding out every syllable). You are home and will always be home no matter where I am…”

Silence embraced them for a bit and then….

He: “I have loved you forever…and, this is why I will always leave a light on so you can find your way back home to me.”

My eyes watered. I had to stop listening. I felt like I was witnessing a massive heartbreak and I understand first hand that this is not something that needs sharing…so I got up and left. I got up holding my own heart, cradling the vulnerability of those two souls in my own cup of coffee. I left feeling their love and their loss simultaneously.

As I was leaving I looked back and saw them sitting in silence while she had put on sunglasses. I am certain it was to hide the endless tears that flooded with his words. He was staring towards the street and, she, into her coffee cup.

What was the story behind the words? How long has he been a home away from her? We get this life and regrets pile up and sit with anger for decades if we allow them. I walked out with several questions and with the deep awareness of how tender love is…regardless of the person or distance. We consist of zillions of thoughts and emotions. Sometimes they become a part of someone else’s her/history. And, in those instances I recall my own versions, past, lessons and the missing parts that will forever make the sum of my own existence. We are all connected…leaving a light on for guidance and love! Sometimes we just need to witness others to appreciate what you have.

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