Heartfelt Words

It is deeply touching to read the messages and emails from so many about my encounters with others. I thank you for sharing your thoughts and vulnerability with me. I had many in my email inbox that I hadn’t read in a little bit so forgive me for not getting back to you to acknowledge your story. You continue to inspire me to share stories. I wonder why we are touched by other encounters? Why are we moved to tears or laughter reading about strangers? Why do some stories touch the essence of our hearts? I feel it’s the connections. It is the comfort in knowing someone else is experiencing what we have endured or have witnessed with full heart and pain….Or in cases of joy…full love and laughter. We relate because we feel less alone. Someone else is experiencing what we’ve lived through. We feel the collective of consciousness and heart. We somehow, magically, feel the unity of it all.

Your own sense of comfort and vulnerability touches me to the core of my spirit. I get to read some intimate journeys, life lessons, experiences and dreams. I get to selfishly feel the presence of humanity through your words and collect them for myself. I marvel at the stories that reach from all levels and corners of the world.

I am a story tender. My love for words is endless. But what truly keeps me in constant observation for the next story is the fragility of humanity. We are laughter. We are loss, grief and shame. We are joy. We are strength and fear, courage and perseverance. We are faith, hope and belief. We are kindness and compassion. We are magical and amazing creatures. Ultimately, we are the most yummilicious compilation of love and connection.

I get to truly feel, touch, see, taste and hear through someone else’s sharing. So…Keep sharing. Keep inspiring me to collect and write what most of the world doesn’t take time to pay attention to. Because…because we have been programmed to look down instead of around us for love and truth.

I love you….Millie

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