Divine Appointment

A woman called our office today. She immediately recognized she had misdialed. I told her there weren’t such things as mistakes. Perhaps she had a divine appointment. It could be synchronicity. She chuckled and asked, “Pardon me, what is that?”

“Like…perhaps you and I were suppose to meet via the phone!”

I asked where she was. Who she worked for. She told me. We introduced ourselves. She was having an “off day of sorts.” I told her those are usually my favorites because they show me there is magic happening somewhere.

Then she asked, “I’m interested in that divine appointment thingy. Tell me more….”

We spent perhaps 5 minutes on the phone. By the time we were done she shed a few tears. She released some Friday stress. She wanted to hire me as a coach. We laughed. We felt each others’ stories without really sharing. So much beauty happened in such a short expand of time. Just complete yumminess of the human kind.

Sometimes it just takes courage to ask someone how they are doing? Or just listen and acknowledge that they matter. Better yet, it’s just about being kind and open. It’s about saying, “Hey, you, I get you. I know you!”

It doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t even have to be an exchanging of words. We all need to know that we matter, that someone pauses to hear and see us. We want to know and feel that we aren’t sleep walking through life. It’s like a universal high five!!!

Today is a wrong number. Tomorrow might be another divine meeting of compassion. Be mindful of the interactions that appear around you. Angels come in many different ways. Never miss a chance to learn something valuable. I eat those moments up.

Marie might have gotten something from our chit chat but I was the one who felt blessed for the connection. I was taught a lesson or two. It’s all about the love you send out that’s returned in abundance. It happens everyday. And that’s the magic of serving humanity one person at a time.

4 thoughts on “Divine Appointment

  1. Without detail, Millie, this truly resonated with me. What a magical experience you had through that one phone call. When you told her that there are no such things as mistakes, perhaps she had a divine appointment…well, wow! That got to me! It was like a “goose-bump” moment. Anyway, this post is an inspiration to how we can treat others to make their day, but also wise tips for us to not let a chance go by that could be valuable beyond assumption. Thanks for sharing, Lauren ❤

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