Your Choice

I went in a local restaurant to pick up my lunch. As I was getting my change the sweet waitress/cashier said, “I hope you have a great day!”

I winked and said, “It is always a great day…every single day that I wake!”

The grumpy older man at the end of the bar looked at me as I turned and injected, “Not always. It’s not a great day every day…” He mumbled something under his breath.

I stopped. Looked at him in his deep-seated eyes, “That’s a choice you get to make every day. There are many things in life you have little say in, but making your day special is a conscious choice. It’s all about gratitude.”

Left him with his mouth hanging. He made one last comment, “You must be one of this hippies.”

We get a gift each day. We get many. The choice is ours, even in the midst of chaos and loss and everything else…we have a choice in how we show up in this journey. We get to decide how we perceive our stories. We are able to shift awareness. Of course, not all days are magical. Some are stinky shit. But you can choose to wallow on the crap, obsess over it, or pick a better light to see the world.

The choice is yours, darling. How you see things says a lot about you and what you attract. Mucho love works for me! Just sayin’!

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