Stay Open To The Gifts

I can’t even stand myself with the joy at this moment. I met Me thirty-five years in the future.

I was walking out of a skilled nursing facility after visiting with my sweet souls. Out in the parking lot there was an elderly woman in pink pajamas, short gray hair with a bright scarf, wandering around. I went to her, “Sweetheart, are you lost?”

The gorgeous 80 something year old says, “No! I’m good!”

“How did you get out?”

She smiled at me and said as a matter of fact, “I pushed a button. I had to go smoke a cigarette. Shhh (she brought her finger to her lips) don’t tell anyone. I had to get out for a bit. I’m going back now.”

I stood there recognizing her…witnessing myself years from now. I laughed out loud and she grabbed my hand, brought me closer and said, “Come here, let me give you a hug. You will feel better!”

I could not stand it. I hugged her tightly. She smelled like she had several cigarettes. I opened the door for her. She smiled in gratitude and whispered, “I love you girls. I love YOU!”

Ladies and gentlemen…my hero for the day. Sneaking out to get cigs, pink pjs, bright scarf, hugs and I love you’s. Nothing else to add but hope I get to be her completely.

Have a blessed day. Be grateful for not having to sneak out.

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