The Sweetness of Life

This was written two years ago but the message still stands true:

I met Amy yesterday while eating a salad in a supermarket deli down the road from home. She works there and was taking a break eating an eclair. The cream was sliding down her hand to her wrist and she was enjoying licking every spec of it. Embarrassed she said, “I know I look silly but I just can’t help myself. This is fattening but I deserve it.” She showed me a smile missing several teeth while I shared my laughter. “Girl, you go at it. I gave up sweets several weeks ago and I haven’t been so miserable in my life. But on the lighter note my body feels better.” We both shared into the laughter. This middle age woman cut the back of her eclair and said, “Here, sweetie, life is too short to not have sugar.” I thanked her but I was fine eating my salad.

And, in between the laughter, the discussion on weight and sugar, we spoke about life. No, not life in the “meaning of life” but life in its simplest forms. Watching her devour that eclair was like seeing a child play in the mud…it was freeing. I opted to buy her another but she got up, rubbed her belly, cleaned off the remnants of sugar around her mouth and said in her southern tongue, “I… AM…GOOD! I gots to go back to work. It was so much fun having lunch with you, lady.” She left the table with an aura of contentment.

After a hectic day I was reminded of the simple things in life. To her it’s an eclair. To me it’s coming home and cuddling with a baby girl, a cat, and a kind man who makes me laugh silly. My wish for you today is to find your joy. Find your eclair. Be a child. Love openly…and don’t worry what others think. Life IS way too short not to do what you want. Have a magically sweet day. Make this week about you and honoring your inner child.

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