Dinner Date with Love

I attended a care plan meeting for one of my folks today. My sweet client insisted on being there which is rare since it’s a meeting about the care of the client. Doctors, nurses, social workers and other facility staffs sit and discuss any recent changes of the patient. Today he decided to roll in there on his wheelchair.

As soon as he saw me a giant smile came over him. See, I sing a song that has his name in it from the 80’s. And as soon as he sees me, even though he’s had a brain injury, he just smiles ear to ear showing me his naked gums.

He wasn’t planning on attending the Thanksgiving dinner one night next week. When I asked why he said he didn’t have family. He didn’t feel like being there alone.

Folks, this is the part of my job that touches me to the core of humanity. I held back the tears…

“You have me! I can come and have dinner with you.”

I thought he was gonna stand up from his wheelchair. His body is paralyzed on one entire side but he hit the table and yelled, “I am coming to dinner, y’all. I got me a date. “

Then he whispered, “just don’t bring your husband.”

We all laughed. He laughed and giggled and I have never seen him wanting to take off from being around the facility faster than he did. But before he headed out we pinky sweared cause that’s how I say goodbye to my folks.

This next week remember the meaning of the Holidays. It’s about being grateful for what and who you are. It’s about feeling blessed for the loved ones around you. Time slips away in a moment. You don’t know what you have until it’s not there anymore.

What’s a few hours of joy to someone who has no one? It truly means the world to them. Make a point to touch your neighbors, call a friend, and send love out into the world. Remind others that they are precious and you acknowledge their existence.

I walked to my car laughing and crying simultaneously. I am blessed for the teachers who arrive into my presence and they are usually the ones who haven’t a clue of the light that shines from


God bless!

10 thoughts on “Dinner Date with Love

    1. My dear friend! I am never going to be an angel. I have way too much edge for that status. But, I choose to be a decent freaking loving human. That I can do. That I can accomplish. Angel is not my thing. I hope you are well. Sending a giant hug. ❤️❤️❤️

  1. I love hearing this story. Amazing how touch is a two-way experience when we drop our guards. He is blessed by your genuine presence and you by his.
    Happy thanksgiving dear daughter of light.

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