No Giving Up

I was finishing my coffee and getting ready to head out into the real world yesterday. As I was making my way into the kitchen something powerful hit me: The words, “I am not giving up my faith in humanity.” I wasn’t even thinking about anything of importance. I began brewing my second cup of java and while standing in the middle of the kitchen the words echoed once again and tears began to cloud my vision. I understand why these words link together. I am seeing so much negativity in social media…the snippets of news I hear along the day…the comments made by friends and family. I hear the necessary things and discard the rest.

BUT, I am not influenced by what anger and fear have to say. I believe in the human spirit. I believe in humanity. I truly believe that things escalate when we continue to shed light into the darkness.

I feel the intensity of change and shifting striving. Things break. They have to in order to expand. Our hearts get fractured from all the violence and crimes. And then, that fracturing begins to slowly heal. Oh my God, when does it stop, right? Well, I am still NOT giving up my faith in HUMANITY. The moment we lose faith the enemy wins. That simple!

I know I am a bit naïve. Okay, maybe too naïve for some people, but I have to believe in the core of my spirit that things happen to bring humanity back on track. We have to stop the freaking labels. We have to diminish the bigotry and racism. We are not black, white, brown, yellow or pink. We are not our religions: Christian, Jewish, Muslim or whatever. We are breathing beings trying to find our way in this planet. We are roommates trying to set boundaries on what the other person needs to feel comfortable. AND even roommates have turmoil in their living arrangements because we are all different: personalities, beliefs, culture, etc.

I am not giving up on humanity. In my daily meditations I see love. I witness the ripples and connections from all the humans together. Because of this I am going to go to come continue doing my share of showing up and handing compassion whenever I can. That doesn’t make me an “angel.” It makes me human.

I go work to read and review countless files of folks who are mentally ill, traumatized, and purely in extreme need of help. You want perspective…walk into a place that has lost hope. Walk into a village that has little water. Walk into a place that has thousands of folks living in filth. Walk into a war zone of folks fighting all in the name of their God. It’s senseless, yes! It’s disgusting, yes! It’s truly demoralizing and it feeds into your fears of what another human is capable of doing with hatred. Alienation, hatred and hostility do not disappear alone. These emotions begin to dissolve and suppress when we shine compassion and love to them.

I don’t have the freaking answers to why these horrific acts of humanity happen…every day. Cause they do happen daily but we don’t hear about them. I don’t truly understand all the hatred. I don’t get the reason we hold on to issues without forgiving. But I have to promise my spirit that until my last breath I will not give up on humanity because I believe in us and the power of community. I believe in a higher power that brings us together. I believe in you.

Together we can commit to bringing love and aid to others…not my judging or rejecting what’s happening…or criticizing another’s faith. Definitely not by constantly talking about the negative (which just instills even more negativity and fear in our souls). We bring it home into our spirits by truly empathizing and realizing that what happens over there is also part of our stories.

May you have a beautiful day…and may you realize that you have the power to change the world one heart at a time! You have it in you to change in small dosages and large quantities. Together we can make the world a better place.

8 thoughts on “No Giving Up

  1. Rainee

    A fundamental belief of mine is that there is more good in the world than bad. I cannot have close relationships with people who believe the opposite. Lovely post as always 🙂

  2. I lived through the war in N.Ireland and though the media presented the constant story of hate, killing, intolerance, I witnessed many acts of love, courage and kindness which were greater than the hate …but the media didn’t care about those. So let us never lose our belief in the other side of the story – that there IS love present in our world and a small stone throw into a big pond sends out ever widening circles. Thank you for this great post!

    1. Thank you. The media always triggers the fear based mentality. When we turn it off they truly have zero power over us. We are either in love or in fear…which causes hate. Thank you for sharing this. Ireland is my favorite country in the world. I thought several years ago of moving there. I think it’s one of the most magical places on this earth.

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