The Consciousness of Love

I am reminded during the holidays that love requires practice with some folks even in our families. Family drama is insane at times. I have always geared up for it in the past. Now I just avoid it altogether.

There are challenges in letting go and accepting others. But, we are born from love, to love, give love, and continue to grow through love. Each person is an opportunity to express and practice. The more you use your superpower of Love the stronger and lighter your soul becomes. Loving the easy ones is wonderful. Loving the hard ones that irritate us with their judgment and patronizing behavior is a testimony on really being present and unconditionally caring without agenda.

It’s an act of unlimited compassion and empathy. We learn from each individual about loving them and ourselves in the process.

I love you. I love each one of you who is in my feeder and in my life. Thank you for showing me the parts of love that are truly delightful. Have a beautiful day! ~ m.a.p.

5 thoughts on “The Consciousness of Love

  1. It all comes down to love and being genuine….Thankfully humanity is waking up to this reality
    and hopefully soon we shall begin to see the world shift in its consciousness. I keep praying for it! Have a peace-filled / love-filled holiday dear Millie….VK ❤

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