Coming Home

There are many times I have a yearning, an inexplicable ache, to return home to something I can’t pinpoint. I can sense it, taste it, smell it, but a part of my brain doesn’t let me figure it out. Then when I detach myself from the yearning I always find it is me waiting to acknowledge my authentic truth.

The little six year old is always there waiting with open arms, full of anticipation to play. No one will fill that space. No one is suppose to fill anything in another. Be honest and return to the dreams of a child. Back then you knew who you were and what you wanted. Forgive those who you allowed to turn you into what you are now. Forgive yourself for whatever you think you did or didn’t do. You can’t blame anyone. This was part of your journey.

Now…return to yourself with love…and live in the freedom of just BEing!

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