Make a Life

birthIn our society we are taught that success is measured by the things we’ve acquired.  The categories of “success” are based on education, money, materialism such as a house and a car, career labels, what and how you wear certain clothing, etc.  But, success goes deeper than the concrete evidence of such categories.  It truly cannot be measured by “things.”  It has an abstract definition that is based on accomplishments.  Who made materialistic things the success-o-meter?  When did the consumption of these things become the status for our happiness?

The question I keep asking myself since I was one of those folks with the big house, fancy cars and money in the bank for extra spending, is are you making a life or making a living?  Do you allow success to be measured by class and materialism?  Or, do you allow triumph to be that which brings you a peace of mind and who you are is not what you do?  Most people seem to be living based on what they do and labeling themselves to that class.  In our tough economic times, I’ve heard of stories of professionals who have lost their corporate jobs and now are cashiers in the nearest supermarket.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Unfortunately, for those individuals their definition of success is tarnished.

Making a life brings joy, peace and a union with Divinity.  Making a living and placing all status and forms of success is temporarily.  You never know when things in life can change and your “status” will turn within moments.  If we travel down the path of this life consciously allowing for growth, through experiences and lessons, we can make a life.  Making a living is just that…you are making money to survive.  Don’t place your worth on what you have (or don’t have).  Place your worth on what you can give and receive from humanity.  You are the pilot of your life.  Success is measured by those moments that bring others into your space and light.  Look around and marvel at the people who surround you.  Are they bringing you down or lifting you up?  Are your children healthy and walking a path of joy without the pressures of society telling them they have to have a PhD. (which there is nothing wrong with having a doctoral.  It is a tremendous accomplishment but it shouldn’t define you)? Can you get out of bed each morning full of excitement to receive the day while doing what you love?

All the stress from economy, political agendas, religion and mass media is enough to bring anyone to a state of depression.  Start making a life for yourself.  Work because you must put food on the table but don’t let the job measure your triumph in this life.  As I am getting closer to ending this chapter of my life and not really knowing what is ahead for me, I am deleting the strains of over-thinking and putting a label to my career.  It’s freeing and sometimes frightening but it’s a way to truly live the moment.

Have a blessed day!

15 thoughts on “Make a Life

  1. You’ve struck a chord with me, again, with this post. While I didn’t have the big house and the fancy, expensive car, I had a decent salary — especially for the area — and we lived comfortably. But we were simply making a living, not a life. You know how much I hated that job toward the end. Getting laid off was scary, but it was the best thing that had happened to me in years. Now, with little more than a Social Security check to keep us going each month, we are both enjoying life. And we’re trusting in God to bring us through whatever He brings us to. And I’m having a ball spending a lot more time with the dogs than I ever could when I was working. They keep me young and more active.

  2. It wouldn’t hurt to smudge those rooms Millie after people leave so the new folks coming in don’t take in the negative energy from the prior guests…It’s too bad some must be so blind to what life is really all about. For sure they will be back again for another lifetime in order to get things right. Hope you enjoy a wonderful summer of retreat with everybody. Happy 4th to you as well…VK 🙂

  3. Millie I’ve seen the behaviors you talk of. I’ve been with people who ignore the ‘cleaner’s and the ‘sweepers’. I don’t see a difference. We all need one another. And I can feel the love you send out in to our universe. ❤

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