Love Makes Us

In the past few days I have read several posts about love hurting. Makes me wonder how we are all moving through this life with such aches. But I feel that Love doesn’t hurt. Misunderstandings hurt. A break in relationship through distrust hurts. Vulnerability being misused hurts. Loss and grief hurt. Not being heard or acknowledged hurts. Anger hurts.

Love heals, cures and lights the way. Love never agonizes. Loving means forgiving and letting go. It means moving forward regardless of what has happened. It means surrendering to the presence of oneness and universal faith. You cannot be in fear and in love simultaneously. So when you say that love hurts…no…what hurts is the expectations you put to that emotion.

No…no way…love has nothing to do with that intense ache. If you want to move from the hurt into the light then hold your presence in true love. Hold your heart, listen to it…if you are honest you will see that the love you feel is not hurting. Nothing in there hurts. Expectations, insecurities, judgment, misconceptions, fears and strong egos…that will wound and scar you to no end. BUT, return to Source. That’s where Love resides. I understand that the holidays bring up a lot of issues for many but don’t confuse love with other emotions, disappointing memories, and events. Love is ALWAYS the answer…regardless of the question.

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