Open Doors, Open Hearts

I was entering the elevators at the hospital to visit a sweet client when an elderly gentleman with an oxygen apparatus and his walker asked me to please hold the doors for him. He mentioned he was struggling with the long walk and breathing.

I asked how his day was going and with deep breaths and pauses he answered, “Not good. But my wife is coming home today. She is finally leaving this place.”

“Is she better?” I asked with a sympathetic tone. This is the cancer unit of the hospital.

“She’s not. She’s coming home to die….”

I reached over and put my hand on his hands that clutched the walker tightly and I looked into his grayish eyes. “I am deeply sorry, sir. I cannot begin to imagine the state of your heart right now.”

I found my heart cracking with such deep gratitude for his sharing. He stood there hunched over in mourning.

His tears were being held with strength. “Enjoy your youth. My wife and I just celebrated our 62nd anniversary. I never imagined I would have to bury her. I’ve always been the one in poor health….”

Within 10 floors, doors opening and closing, he shared a snippet of his life…of their intimate union. With each breath and syllable I allowed their love inside of me.

Because that was all the space required me to do.

I held the doors open for him. I held my heart and prayers open for him as well. And in a few seconds he was gone. He’s life will never be the same. I watched as he descended….

This is living behind the curtains of facade. It’s reality for billions. Open any hospital room and you will witness vulnerability and heartache. You will also see Miracles and Creation. Open up to all that’s happening out there but still remain in love. Stay open to it all because we are all connected.

We struggle in this career of being human. If you are fortunate enough to hold onto another for 62 years then you are truly blessed. You have truly felt mysticism of connection.

I love you. I honor you. I am blessed for having you. Be kind to another. Open your own heart to receive the wisdom and words of someone in need even if for a moment, an elevator ride, or the exchange of human energy.

5 thoughts on “Open Doors, Open Hearts

  1. Rainee

    When I was shopping yesterday the young lady at the cashier said she liked the shirt I was wearing. Then she said she liked my hair and whether I did it myself. We had a brief chat but her words were so uplifted I came out of there feeling so much better than when I went in.

  2. It’s crazy how humanity for so long has been persuaded to hold everything in and not show what is going on in our lives. No wonder so many feel alone with their struggles. This, as well as so many other things going on in this country, is INSANITY! Each time we release our truth we lighten our load and whomever we open up to has their heart tapped and the door in their heart opens just a crack. It is surely time to swing open the doors to our hearts at long last and refuse to close them again….Glad that gentleman was able to share his tale with you. It probably helped him more than you will ever know…..Blessings…VK ❤

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