Let’s Tackle Fear

It’s easy to move into fear when things begin to crumble. It’s not just the crumbling of thoughts but the unknowns: finances, health issues, losses, and so much more. Fear is false evidence appearing real.

I cannot live in fear. I don’t even entertain it.

I hear the messages from divinity during meditation and contemplation. I am to remain calm and keep faith even when my humanness feels anxiety. My own Yoda whispers in my subconscious. (My Yoda/spirit guide is a badass sarcastic know-it-all who has been with me since I came into this incarnation. And I completely trust him).

I continue to flow and let go even when things around me seem to stop flowing. Perspective is the magic wand to shifting how we view life. These are faithful moments. The universe will always utilize whatever circumstance there is to expand and force us to grow. Hard times strengthen our skills. We are made anew sailing safely through the rough and rocky waters.

Spirituality and this human thingy is a marriage of existence. My job is not to be sucked into the drama of this illusion called life that we think we can control. We’ve been programmed to suck it up, deal with it all in panic mode that creates even deeper inconsistencies and problems. The reality is that we are co-creators. We get to decide how the stories start and end from a higher consciousness.

There are constant beautiful reminders of how I can alter and restart certain areas of my life every time issues comes up. I step back and usually dive into the unknown in meditation. I travel to the alternate possibilities. And then I am again reminded to just let go. That’s it!

We accept what comes our way even when it’s dark. But, we always have choices. We can stay in light or move into darkness when things become difficult.

It is during those times I remind myself that my light cannot diminish. My light will always glow through all that’s ahead.

Yesterday I watched a documentary about consciousness and the narrator said the “You are the U in universe!” You can’t get any better than that.

May you always find the light in you leading the way through whatever darkness appears before you. Every lesson forces us to get stronger. Every obstacle is an opportunity to be kinder with others and yourself.

Remember that this is all an illusion. Reach out to others for help. Vulnerability is strength. It’s courageous. And so are you.

I love you!

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