Entrances and Exists

Stop asking permission to others for what you want. You are the only one responsible for your happiness so when you allow another to dictate your worth you are stopping growth.

You enter and exit anything and everything you want. You don’t have to allow another to tell you what needs to happen. You have will power. You have the privilege of living on your own terms. Everything you want and deserve is on the other side of your fears and uncertainties.

I keep seeing people walk on eggshells in relationships and partnerships. I keep hearing of others dreaming of what they wish they can do but stopping it because it might just ruffle someone’s feathers the wrong way. Screw it!

You get one life right now…follow your bliss. This life is too short to pretend to be happy. This crap causes a deterioration in your mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

You are your own adventurer in entering and exiting the places, people and things that aren’t working for you. Nothing is impossible.

You are possible! Make your entrances delicious and your exits even healthier. Allow joy and authenticity be your guidance.

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