The Here and Now

Our little four year old said to me on the way to seeing Santa, “We are here but we aren’t there…yet!” She sat in the backseat excited counting the minutes to talk with him.

Being present…here…in the now requires us to let go of what’s coming. It always comes. We are here and not there. The future is created with each passing minute. When we focus on it constantly we lose sight of the gifts that the present brings: peace, awareness, space, clarity and love.

Don’t go into this week with angst and anxiety about what needs to be done for the holidays. You are here, not there. Remember that time doesn’t exist. The illusion of it is a control mechanism. What does exist is your perception of what came, what comes and what may be waiting on the other side of our expectations.

Stay open to the magic of creation now.

Feel the moment. Enjoy them. You aren’t there yet.

Have a blessed day…here…now.

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