The Love of Connections

Our stories make us. As soon as we share them, each heartache or piece of joy, we begin to release and heal. We start to feel whole again because someone has acknowledge us, recognizing our history, and loving us for it. There is power in acceptance and awareness when it comes through our vulnerability.

Let’s have open ears for others. Let’s keep our eyes fixed on the magic in another. Let’s feel each other through the silence. Let’s keep our hearts wide open as well without judgment, bigotry, or intolerance. We must see, hear, feel and taste love throughout our lives by truly being present with each other. It’s not always easy, but it is doable. Our greatest teachers are the ones who challenge emotions, patience, belief system, programming and understanding. We grow from their reflections.

There is love in accepting our connections and the sacred oneness of divinity.

Love transcends through every word, touch, and presence with another. It’s through those moments that we learn more about ourselves. It’s also then when we realize that we are not alone. Everyone goes through similar experiences. You and I are connected here, out there and everywhere. It might not always be pretty but it is part of our human evolution. The spiritual essence of our existence depends on a massive change of awareness. It’s happening right now.

Have a blessed day. Reach out to others today. Lend a smile, give a hug and share a kind word. You might be the angel and lifeline that person needs at that very moment.

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