We Need More Play

My husband and kiddo visited me this morning at work. It’s a snow day. They were heading to breakfast and Matt wanted to check on me. Kali is ready to play. She came into my office and immediately began to color on paper creating squiggly lines and such…

I don’t know when we lose our imagination to create with such wonder and simplicity. I don’t know when we start to believe that being responsible means we stop playing.

Here is the thing…we can easily return to a path of wonder. We can return to innocence and magic. We can easily dance in the puddles, with a tutu and tiara, and call in fairies. We can take a blanket and wrap it around our necks to make a superhero cape and skip all around the house. We can paint our nails different colors and put bows and strings in our hair. Why not? We can return to all that is innocent and wondrous. NO ONE can dictate your child-like magic moments. That is all on you!

This is your path. This is your life. This is your chance to do everything and anything in your life. There is nothing stopping you from diving into your imagination. Close your eyes and go to that place of JOY. Do it through meditation, painting, music, writing, jogging, hiking…anything that removes you from the everyday chit chat of mundane activity. If a 4 year old can find magic in creating lines on a paper why not create your own space of enchantment through the chaos of your life? Our little girl is reminding me of what’s important…and why I have lost it before.

Enter the forest with an open mind and heart and let the fairies guide you into a place where nothing is impossible… Ride a unicorn or a dragon… create that scenario in your mind and go with it. Allow your soul to really feel freedom!

Have a blessed day. The path is widely open, free, and available for you to journey on….just do it! Oh…but stay warm pls. No frost bites allowed.

6 thoughts on “We Need More Play

  1. I could not agree more with you Millie…Just this morning I was thinking about this new moon we had Tuesday and setting our intentions. Mine was to incorporate joy back into my life. There has been none and my darkness within only grows blacker without it! The whole freakin’ world needs to play. This non-stop tension that grips everything, everywhere with no joy included, is a sad state of affairs. I just pray hard something breaks this pall that lingers like a fog over all….Time to dance and sing and most importantly, not give a damn what anyone else thinks. The world is desperate for laughter and joy….Time to spread some around….Hugs Millie…VK ❤

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