Show Me

I don’t care who you are. Show me LOVE… Give me a smile, or a profound laughter that makes your belly ache. Show me who you are through your tears: both sorrow and of joy. Show me love through a gesture, an energetic touch, or holding my hand with your truth. You are not separate from God. You are divinity and pure light. You want compassion, be compassion. You want kindness, be kindness. That which you show you will attract. It is you. BE! You are magnificently the most awesomest person you will ever met. You are the light that pours from the universe. Step up and align with YOU. I see YOU. Now go see this purity in yourself.

2 thoughts on “Show Me

  1. Well said again Millie! So very true. The world is desperate for love and compassion, it aches within for it. If we would just give it out freely everywhere we go the world would be a little bit happier. Sending you love my friend ❤ VK

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