Actually I Can

Most of us spend the greater part of our lives listening to others tell us what we can do or not do; how we should behave or not; that this cannot be accomplished or that should be eliminated from our dreams. We are programmed from very young to listen and learn from those around us. It becomes instinctively real to accept anything others tell us about ourselves.

The reality is that we can do anything and everything we want. There are no obstacles or rules other than the ones we create. We have placed imaginary boundaries for ourselves and decide to live inside the prison of our minds. So today memorize this mantra: Actually, I Can! Actually, I can do that. Actually, I am my own creator. Actually, nothing is holding me back from anything but me.

Go sparkle on and show your inner child that you haven’t forgotten him/her. You got this! Make this week remarkably yummy!!!

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