Hand the Love

Yesterday was one of my client’s birthday. He’s ten years older than me but due to a horrific accident his mind is juvenile and he is paralyzed.

Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like a four year old trailing along. So Kali and I went to get balloons and pie for him this morning.

Now, I know this man and his moods. It’s hit and miss. I walked into his room, Kali holding balloons ready for song and dance, while he was waking up. I could tell he wasn’t in a gentle mood. I can see it from a distance when the demons of the past (the man he once was) visit him.

“Hey darling, watch the cursing! My kid is here with me!”

He adjusted himself. We sang happy birthday. Gave each other hugs. He was till not in a happy camper. I understand.

I sat on his bed. I waited in silence while Kali sat on my lap. She was ready to get out with the tension flowing in his space.

“I love you!” I patted his legs.

He answered with a grunt, “I…know!”

So I raised my eyebrow as if saying, “Helllloooo, your turn!”

He looked at me straight in the eyes, “I love you too. Thank you for my gifts. No one else remembered my birthday!”

Holding back tears I told him I acknowledged him. He smiled and winked. He felt loved. He felt seen.

He asked me to reach to his dresser and give Kali a teddy bear. I handed it to him so he could give to her. It was a precious moment.

He said again (as he’s mentioned it several times), “I always forget you are human.” I laugh. He sees a fairy, I’m assuming. I see pure love emanating from his fragile soul. I see him. After almost a year of seeing him he has finally confided in me. He trusts me. He sees me in return.

Folks, it’s not difficult to show love. Throw it out to others like a lighting bolt. Feel it coming out of your heart on to every stranger. Say something nice. Acknowledge each other. You aren’t here alone. You get to walk through this life lighting the way through love. It beats the alternative.

We are here together. Let that love start with yourself and force it out like ripples into the wave of consciousness. You are responsible for this. I love you.

See? It’s not hard! 🦄🧚‍♂️😘

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