Time is in Your Favor

holding time

It’s the middle of February. Already! I don’t quite know how things are happening so fast. We are emotionally and spiritually spinning in giant vortexes. Friday night I didn’t sleep. I was in and out of meditation most of the night…swirling up and down and all around the universe. I was feeling the universal forces in motion and it felt like my heart was going to give out. Not a good feeling for an empath.

It feels as if timelines are collapsing. Every day I hear of another suicide close to me, or someone six degrees from me. The bodies and minds can’t take the changes. It’s okay to not have the answers. It is NOT okay to give up without trying to reach out. I work in mental health and I am experiencing a higher degree of de-fragments. I am witnessing emotions dictating actions and creating deadly reactions.
I wish I could say I am sleeping well. I am not. I am moving from one timeline into another. My night activities are as chaotic as the waking day time ones. I’ve concluded that even through meditation I cannot slow down the times. They aren’t suppose to be slowed down because we are shifting and it’s part of mass consciousness upgrades. Discomfort pushes growth.
But what are we being pushed into?
I don’t know but when I go into the space of love and peace…when I enter sacredness I see a different world. I can hear John Lennon’s song, “Imagine” in my heart. And this, darlings, is what I feel is the pushing. Things are changing, especially when you detach from the news and media. You will find just by looking around your tribe and circles that we are returning to authenticity and truth.
I urge you to be gentle with yourself. Old traumas and programming are coming up. We are being asked to clear the things that are toxic in our lives. We are required to cut cords of things that cause us pain. We are being redirected to notice what sets our desires on fire: creativity, travel, gathering with like-minded folks, family, nature, spirituality and so much more. It’s no wonder we are being stripped of hurt, shame and guilt.
Our lives are changing. Technology has clearly forced us to live at a faster pace but it can also be utilized to slow down. You do not have to depend on it for every little thing. If the phone rings, you don’t have to answer. The emails and texts can wait. Social media doesn’t have to be touched all day long. We have become slaved to the things we complain about…too much stimuli.
What’s happening OUT THERE is also being felt immensely in here. Politics, religion, and everything else is keeping you in a prison of mind control. You are being given what to think and digest instead of you searching for what you really want in life.
So, once again…I am retrieving for a bit. I am experiencing a lot of chaos around me. The external noises are as loud as the ones I visit at night in sleep or meditation. Something has to be done to slow it down. I write everyday and I feel I need to return to journaling and the simplicity of pen and paper. I find that in times of real healing and release it is the pen that shows me truth. It never fails since I was a little girl.
Find your center core. Time is in your favor…you get to decide how you move through these challenging times. Bring love and forgiveness to it. Let go of old should’ves and could’ves. You are here for a reason and it isn’t to punish yourself for past experiences. It isn’t to torture your soul for sins that pushed you to grow. Let that go and allow the new you emerge in peace. But, please, if you can’t find someone to talk to I am here. Email me…I will check periodically dharma.1111@hotmail.com.
I love you…

10 thoughts on “Time is in Your Favor

  1. Eliza Ayres

    I’m learning to flow with an unusual sleep pattern. If I wake up and can’t go back to sleep, I get up and work on the blog or listen to videos. Last night I slept over ten hours. Some nights I only get about five or six hours. Since I am “retired” I can adjust my schedule and take a nap later, if needed. Do what you have to do to take care of yourself during this transitional period. Let go of expectations and listen to what the body needs. ❤

    1. Thank you, my love. You be gentle as well. I thank you always for the love and support you give me. I am hoping to take this blog into another direction this year and will most likely ask for your help. I’m so not techie AT ALL. It shocks me that I can upload a blog post at times. I’m here via email if you need anything. Mucho love!!!!!

      1. Eliza Ayres

        Thank you, Millie. I’ve learned a bit over the nearly six years that I have blogged. It keeps changing a bit as time goes on. Last summer, I learned how to make layers of pages using links. I’m not super techie, either, but I manage, lol! ❤

  2. Nailed it again Millie….Such huge lessons we are learning, it can be exhausting and we need to take care of ourselves and stick together. Perhaps the chaos is there to teach us we do need each other after all if we are going to get through this.The process is unfolding before us, we just have to be willing to get ready to meet it head on. We shall end up squarely where we were meant to be. Never fails…There is no failure. It just all is…..Hugs and love…VK ❤

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